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How to select the air purifier

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Choose to purchase channels

Try to buy in large shopping malls, appliance stores, brand stores and the mainstream e-commerce formal channels.

According to the actual purchase

Consumers buy products according to their actual needs, and not the more the better. Such as the need for protection of consumers, PM2.5, recommended to choose the PM2.5 purifying air purifier outstanding ability.

Concern for the area

The purification ability of air purifier is strong or weak, mainly by the applicable area and particle clean gas (rate of CADR: the supply of clean air), the relationship between the two: the application area of =CADR * 0.1. The purification ability of other pollutants, and suitable area combination.

Pay attention to energy efficiency rating

Energy efficiency ratio as an important index for measuring the air purifier purification capacity and power consumption, worthy of attention. Energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating higher than the air purifier, on behalf of more energy-saving, the use cost is low.

See the release amount of ozone

Ozone has the smell of fish, as a strong oxidant with purifying ability in some extent, but there is harm to human body. National security requirements of the indoor ozone concentration, no more than 0.16 mg / m3.


Before use, should carefully read the product manual.

At the beginning of operation, proposed in the maximum volume file to run for at least 30 minutes, and then to the other gear, in order to achieve fast air purification effect.

Removal of outdoor air pollutants, try to keep the doors and windows closed, avoid indoor and outdoor air amount interactive circulation caused a decline in the purification effect. Long time use, should pay attention to stage ventilation.

If used for indoor gaseous pollutants bring purification after decoration, suggestions for the effective ventilation after use.

Replace or clean the filter regularly, to avoid contamination failure filter adsorption of two emission.

The air purifier has not been used again before the start, should check the wall clean degree and filter state, do the cleaning work, replace the filter when necessary.

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