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Application of hydraulic oil filter

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1, metallurgy: used in hydraulic system of rolling mill, continuous casting machine and all kinds of lubricating equipment filter filter.

2: separation and recovery of oil refining, petrochemical, chemical products in the production process and the intermediate product, purification in the manufacturing of liquid purification, tape, CD and photographic film, particle filter in oilfield water injection wells and natural gas.

3, textile: polyester melt purification during drawing and uniform filtering, protect filtration of air compressor, compressed gas oil removing water.

4, electronics and pharmaceutical: filtration for water, deionized water reverse osmosis pretreatment, filter cleaning liquid and glucose.

5, mechanical processing equipment: lubrication system of papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery and compressed air purification, dust recovery filtering tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.

6, the Railway internal combustion engine and generator: lubricating oil and oil filter.

7, automobile and engineering machinery, ships, trucks with various hydraulic oil filter.

8, thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbine, boiler control speed lubrication system, purification system, bypass control system of oil, purifying water supply pump, blower and dust removal system

9, all kinds of lifting, handling, loading: Crane and other construction machinery to the fire, repair, transportation and other special vehicles, winch, windlass ship, blast furnace, steel-making equipment, locks, door opening and closing device of the ship, the theatre orchestra lift and lifting stage, all kinds of automatic transmission line.

10, all need to force push, squeezing, pressure, cut, cut, mining operation device: hydraulic machine, die casting, molding, rolling, rolling, drawing, shearing equipment, metal materials, plastic injection molding machine, plastic extruder, chemical machinery, tractors, harvesters and other logging, mining for agriculture and forestry machinery, tunnel, mine and ground mining equipment, all kinds of ship steering.

Control 11, high response, high precision tracking: gun turret drive, stable, ship sway, aircraft and missile attitude control device, positioning system of high precision machining tool, drive and control for industrial robots, sheet metal pressing, leather slice thickness control, speed control of generator control shaking table test machine, and high performance, multi degree of freedom motion simulator and large entertainment facilities.

Automatic operation and control 12, various working procedures combination: the combination of machine tools, automatic machining line etc..

13, special workplace: underground, underwater explosion, in the special environment of operating equipment

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