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Applications of hydrauliv filters.

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1,Applied in machine & tool industry,85% hydraulic transmission and controla is used in a lathe transmission system.Such as grinder, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, press machine, shearing machine, and assemble machine tool etc..
2, Hydraulic technology is widely Used in the metallurgical industry, electric control system, rolling mill control system, furnace charge, blast furnace, converter control, control of strip deviation and constant tension device.
3, In engineering machinery, there widely uses  hydraulic transmission, such as excavator, wheel loader, crane, crawler bulldozer, tyre crane, scraper, scraper and vibratory roller.
4, In agricultural machinery, hydraulic technology is also very widely applied, such as the combining harvester, tractor and plow.
5, In the automotive industry, hydraulic off-road vehicle, hydraulic truck, hydraulic high-altitude vehicles and fire engines are powered by hydraulic technology.
6, in the textile industry, hydraulic technology is mainly applied in plastic injection molding machine, rubber machine, paper machine, printing machine and textile machine.

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