Oil/Air Separator filters

Pall hydraulic filter
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media filter cartridges to API/EI Specification 1590, “Specifications
and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Fuel Microfilters.”
•   Large Surface Area – Allows high flow rate with low initial pressure drop
and maximum contaminant holding capacity.
•   Resin Impregnated micro fiberglass/Cellulose Media – Maintains
strength, resists effects of water and heat.
•   75 psi Collapse Strength – Heavy gauge carbon steel end caps and
center tube give safety margin against pressure surges.
•   Coated Steel Components – Resist corrosion from most industrial fluids.
•   Corrugated Media – Prevents pleat pinch-off, assuring all filtration media is utilized.
•   Buna-N Gaskets – The best general gasket material available assures positive seal in most fluids.
•   Epoxy Bonding Material – end caps epoxy-bonded to media to prevent internal bypassing.
•   Threaded Base also available

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