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perkins coalescence & separation filters
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 The coalescence filter using surface treated glass fiber and polyester fiber as the coalescent media, filter structure through the special design, the filter medium has good coalescence performance. Up to 0.1 μ M filter precision.

The principle of filter: oil, water and other liquid droplets are coalesced, superfine fiber device inside the capture, the micron fibers formed on air meandering channel, forcing the solid particles and liquid droplets in the inertial impaction, interception and direct interception three diffusion filtering mechanism under the action of superfine fiber, was captured, the surface tension of the liquid so that the small droplets coalesce into larger droplets, due to gravity, large droplet settling to the bottom of the vessel.

Glass fiber filter coalescence using high density gradient glass fiber manufacturing, in order to reduce breakage leakage design into the whole single tube structure, the surface of the filter core and hydrophobic, oleophobic treatment, can meet various requirements of accuracy class.

Usually used in polyester fiber synthetic materials polyester fiber coalesce filter cartridge filter material, has good compatibility with various fluid. Filter using multilayer spiral coil system, each with different performance of fiber, to achieve the filtering precision expected by shape, size, thickness and density of each layer of fiber parameters control.

Product advantage:

Glass fiber filter coalescence of high density gradient glass fiber, high efficiency and airflow spray and droplet, high filtration precision. Stable structure, there is no medium fiber loss, no pollution to the environment, downstream products.

Polyester fiber coalesce filter cartridge filter multilayer structure ensures that the filtering precision, high efficiency and flow in the droplet; stable structure, fiber strength is higher, there is no medium fiber loss, no pollution to the environment, downstream products; has good compatibility with various fluid; environmental good, 100% synthetic materials, complete combustion residue free.

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